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Lisa Saunders
Great Success from our weightloss program??

Good morning my beautiful people thanking the most high for allowing me and my family to see another 24 hours
what a blessing to wake up in my right mind as my mother would say
Transformation Tuesday this pictures are 10 years apart I never had a problem with my weight❤❤
the problem was my weight had a problem with me (septic diabetes couldn’t breath high bp high cholesterol)??
slowly dying on the inside so comfortable with being uncomfortable
on paper I should have died a long time ago but because of the most high he decided to keep me here ????
Decided to let God feed me
Faith FASTING and Fitness
such a blessing to be a blessing??
Thank patrick for planting a seed in me
To this lifestyle

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  1. I need help!!! They tell me I am a type 1 diabetic. I’m 37 and only had gestational diabetes, then they said I’m type 2 now they say I’m type 1! I am not a normal diabetes patient. I’m 5:2 and 124 lbs. no weight to lose , no excess foods but they just say you are now a type one. You have to have the insulin to maintain and live.

    1. You look amazing by the way!

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