Breadfruit is an excellent source of potassium. This heart-friendly nutrient reduces blood pressure in the body and regulates heart rate by minimizing the effects of sodium. It lowers so call bad cholesterol (LDL), (LDL) is not a cholesterol, it is a protein that carries cholesterol from the liver to the arteries. while elevating the so call good cholesterol (HDL), (HDL) is not a cholesterol it is a protein that carries cholesterol from the arteries to the liver, so (HDL) & (LDL) is really a transporter of cholesterol from one place to another in the body. Breadfruit decreases the triglyceride levels, which is one of the main cause of heart attacks! As breadfruit has its good benefits, breadfruit is also a starchy food which should be used in moderation. excessive amount of starch in the body can cause clogging of the intestinal track causing diabetes and causing acidosis. I always believe in everything we choose to use and intake in our bodies we do it in moderation.