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Lisa Saunders
Great Success from our weightloss program??

Good morning my beautiful people thanking the most high for allowing me and my family to see another 24 hours
what a blessing to wake up in my right mind as my mother would say
Transformation Tuesday this pictures are 10 years apart I never had a problem with my weight❤❤
the problem was my weight had a problem with me (septic diabetes couldn’t breath high bp high cholesterol)??
slowly dying on the inside so comfortable with being uncomfortable
on paper I should have died a long time ago but because of the most high he decided to keep me here ????
Decided to let God feed me
Faith FASTING and Fitness
such a blessing to be a blessing??
Thank patrick for planting a seed in me
To this lifestyle

Send request to Come chat with Mr. Patrick Delves on facebook group for daily healthy tips and things you can do to stay healthy

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I’ve never gone to a doctor for this condition. I assumed it was eczema or psoriasis as a result of gut issues. This that I’ve been dealing with, comes periodically attacking various parts of my body. It stay for years before it leaves. It itches, flakes and bleed out. 15 days ago I embarked on an all fruit and veggie cleanse to combat this. I’ve been taking various vitamins, probiotics etc.. The top is the before and the bottom is 15 days into the fast. Not only is it clearing psoriasis and eczema, but it has healed fungi on my toes (completely), I see a major change in my skin, I have a clear mind, loads of energy, and I’ve lost 11 pounds so far. Food is a healer. I thank God for Patrick Delves and all the wisdom he brings.

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Customer review!

The pic on the left was me just a few months ago you see the blemishes on my forehead and how dull I look. The pic on the right is me today I noticed the blemishes on my skin diminishing and this is only my 4th day of the 7th day cleanse as I stated I started a day late…. Thank you Master Herbalist Patrick and Kristy Delves!

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ATTENTION! On the 27th of March our country Grenada Went into full lockdown because of the CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC situation and was extended to April 20th As a result of this we are unable to ship products At the moment. Please be patient with us till then or you can request a refund if you have placed orders on our website of you don’t have the patience to wait till then we will issue you a refund right away. please remember to stay in touch with us at 1473 421 9604 via WhatsApp, send us a message or straight call us and we will be right with you Thank you for your understanding and your support!

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please remember to leave your shipping address so that we can ship your order sooner than later or contact us via whatsapp or straight call us at 1473 421 9604 providing us with your paypal name so that we can review your order and your shipping address!

Thank You!

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The Breadfruit

The breadfruit is an excellent source of potassium, heart friendly in nutrients, helps lower cholesterol, decreases triglyceride levels which is one of the main causes of heart attack. Breadfruit is also a starch food and should also be used in moderation because too much starchy food can clog up your colon, affect your stomach walls and cause acidosis and diabetes. I always believe anything we choose to put into our body should be done in moderation.

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The Ackee fruit is among the most dangerous fruits on earth. Much of the fruit is toxic but when harvested and prepared properly, it can be very beneficial to your health in numerous ways.
The Ackee fruit which grow on the tree’s branches have a red skin and when opened, it exposes three big black seeds. The only part of the fruit that is edible are the fleshy, yellow portions attached to each seed. The remainder of the the fruit contains harmful toxins which can cause severe side effects that can even prove fatal…


Ackee fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber which can improve your digestive health in a number of ways.
The fiber contained by the fruit helps to regulate bowel movement by adding more bulk to the stools which helps improve the movement of waste through your system.
Adding more fiber to your diet can also help reduce the risk of various other common digestive issues as gas, bloating, indigestion and constipation.
Ackee fruit like many other healthy natural produce can improve the circulation of blood around your body.
The fruit is great source of iron which plays many roles in the human body including the delivery of oxygen around the body.

As well as being rich in iron, ackee is a great source of another important mineral potassium. Potassium is a vasodilator meaning that it helps open up the blood vessels allowing blood to flow more freely. This takes a great deal away from the heart and allows it to work less hard.



Ackee contains a harmful toxin known as Hypoglycin A, the fruit was banned for a number of years from several countries including the USA.
When this toxin is eaten, it can lead to some very unfortunate side effects. They include nausea and vomiting, muscular fatigue and drowsiness. Unfortunately there are also more severe side effects including coma and even death. This toxin is found in the unripe ackee fruit which is harvested earlier than usual. It is found in many parts of the fruit including the seeds, the aril and the rind. When these parts of the fruit find their way into the produced, the fruit is contaminated. However ackee harvested at the appropriate time has a much lower level of toxicity and is considered safe to consume.