Detoxification on a cellular Level

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This will teach you how to Detoxify on a cellular Level

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  1. brvndx (verified owner)

    Very clear and good understandable information/pictures. I will be following the the juice recipes
    and will be doing the gall bladder flush programm!

    However I wish “step 1” would have more information about what to eat in that time period, apart from drinking the recipe, also for how long to do the “following morning” step. Will the gall bladder flush also cleanse the GI track? Because the title said “cleansing of the GI track” but there is only a “step 1: gall bladder flush”.


    • Kristy Delves

      Hi, yes the gall bladder flush cleanse the GI track
      you can eat lots of vegetables, soups, grains, nuts and seeds

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